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Hey, my name is Richárd,
I'm a software engineer.

I help people bring their ideas online by
building software that they'll love

Services I offer

Website development

  • ⚡️ build blazing-fast websites using modern technologies
  • 📱 responsive, mobile-first design
  • 😍 user-friendly experiences that your audience will love
  • ✏️ fully editable websites by you

Application development

  • 🖥 build easy-to-use web applications
  • 📊 custom Enterprise-Resource-Planning systems (ERP)
  • 📂 custom Content-Management systems (CMS)
  • ⚙️ architect and build backend services and APIs

Infrastructure management

  • ☁️ create and manage cloud infrastructure
  • 🔁 implement continuous integration and delivery systems (CI/CD)

Core principles of my work


Quality is what differentiates a product from mediocrity, that is the reason why in my world every little detail has to be perfect.


Quality dazzles, but stability is what makes a product reliable for the long term. That is why I make sure every piece of the puzzle is in its right place.

Result orientation

Both quality and stability are useless if the product cannot provide the required functionality. I make sure my clients get what they wanted.

Some of the projects I've worked on recently

Perlego Knowledge Base

Technologies used in project:next.jsjavascriptreactnode.jsstyled componentsprismic
  • Perlego Knowledge Base is a collection of open access learning resources.
  • We've built the website with Next.js and Prismic, with a heavy focus on speed, SEO, usability and readability, while also aiming to provide an easy content-editing experience to authors through Prismic.
  • I was the lead developer on the project, building the UI/UX via React and Styled Components, while helping other frontend developers in the team do the same.
  • Role(s): lead frontend engineer
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Rhubarb Plans

Technologies used in project:javascriptreacttailwind.cssnode.jsfirebasegoogle cloudstripe
  • Rhubarb Plans helps creative agencies and in-house teams to develop and deliver strategic communications plans.
  • We've built the platform with React.js and Google Cloud Functions to create a flawless SaaS experience for creative agencies.
  • I was the lead backend engineer on the project, building the cloud infrastructure (through Google Cloud) and API services (Cloud Functions) of the app.
  • Implemented SaaS business model through Stripe.
  • Role(s): lead backend engineer; DevOps engineer
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ScaleUp Scotland

Technologies used in project:javascriptreactnode.jsalgoliaamazon web services
  • ScaleUp Scotland is an online education platform that helps entrepreneurs better scale their businesses through educational videos and articles.
  • Platform has full-fledged community forum built into it.
  • The platform is built on top of React.js and Node.js, and uses Strapi as a Content-Management-System for delivering content.
  • My responsibility in the project was more regarding the backend and the infrastructure of the application. I had to make sure the systems are set up correctly (on AWS) and that the required functionality is done via the Node.js backend, but I took part heavily in developing the UI/UX of the application as well.
  • Implemented search via Algolia.
  • Role(s): lead backend engineer; cloud infrastructure architect; frontend engineer

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About me

My name is Richárd Szegh, I am a Software Engineer from Europe.

I studied Computer Science at University of Pannonia in Hungary and have been creating software solutions since 2018.

My hobbies include reading, problem solving, healthy lifestyle and calisthenics, but my main passion has always been technology. I have been deeply interested in the topic since a very young age.

I believe that technology could be (and already is) the solution to many of humanity's problems and I feel my personal mission to help advance humanity and to provide production ready solutions to these problems.